About 954 Mission Rescue

Underneath each item is a charity selection box (photo above) that you can choose a charity or charities to donate at no additional cost to you. We built the donation percentage into each item's price. After checkout the donations are directly submitted to the organization that you have selected.  A Win-Win for everyone!

We help those in need with more then words of kindness moreover, we provide a value of hope and strength through each purchase that will comfort them to strive for tomorrow.

We appreciate you and we thank you for participating.

 954's Mission Rescue Logo.

We adopted the Tri-symbol as our 954 Mission Rescue logo. The symbol represents all that we do for Humanity. Each bar represents our mission of People, Animals and Military Service.

People: We strive to help as many people as we can from homelessness, toothless, fighting cancer and many more causes. We achieve this through our 954 charity campaign, and when customers pick an item/s on our 954 store they may choose a charity to pick and donate at no additional cost to them. The donation percentages are built into each item's price. A Win-Win for everyone!

Animals: 954 takes seriously helping animals from domestic to wildlife as they play an extremely important role in our ecosystem and in our lives as family members. We encourage our customers when purchasing multiple items to please select at least 1 charity that includes animals. 

Military: We give thanks to our military servicemembers that serve, to Veterans that served, those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and to their family members. Servicemembers are the reason why we live and continue to live the lifestyle under Freedom and the Liberties thereof. We offer several military Charites for  to include, charities for their family members.

We appreciate you and thank you! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.