About 954


When you purchase a 954 item you become part of our community that is unique and one-of-a-kind of our apparel, signature items and mission. We are known to represent Humanity to include, animals of all kinds.

954 Designs
We offer 2 styles from Simple and Dynamic that brings attention, makes conversation and gives a positive and fun vibe. Our unique signature designs range from bold, thoughtfulness to simple designs that provides a variety of items for our 954 community to choose from.

954 SAPPHIRE, Community Outreach Program
Our staff loves domestic/global causes as they take pride in being involved with individuals and communities worldwide. Our goal is to help make a difference with each design, through each sale to give back to individuals and communities in need. When our 954 community grows so does our number of individual and communities we can assist. you are the reason why we can do what we do and we thank you and our individuals and communities in need thank you.

Purchased Items
Each purchase of a 954 item a percentage goes to one of our many causes from our menu items and we donate to the foundation of that cause. So, no matter what item you purchase you are making a difference in someone's or an animals life for the betterment of their existence changing Humanity's foot print one purchase at a time to make a safer, better and a more fun place to live.

We are not naïve in the fact, not everyone is going to like everything at the 954 store therefore, we encourage those whom are not purchasing form 954 to try and buy 1 item to wear or give away to a person/animal in need.