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Warrington Farm Meats Delmonico Steak | 10 steaks/case

Warrington Farm Meats Delmonico Steak | 10 steaks/case

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Offer your guests a truly exceptional cut of meat with this Warrington Farm Meats Delmonico steak! This Delmonico steak is a mouthwatering cut of boneless ribeye; considered one of the most delicious pieces of beef on the menu, ribeye is cut from the rib primal section and boasts abundant marbling throughout. This richly marbled fat renders during cooking, imparting ribeye steak with the mouthwateringly beefy flavor and tender, juicy texture that makes it a favorite of true steak aficionados. When cooked to medium-rare perfection and served alongside tender, fresh vegetables or garlicky mashed potatoes, this prized steak makes a truly show-stopping addition to your menu! Warrington Farm Meats' premium Delmonico steak comes from local, farm-raised, processed, and butchered beef to ensure quality control, ethical animal practices, and an unrivaled freshness that makes it worthy of being served in the world's finest steakhouses.

Shipping Weight11.7 lb.
Beef Cut Delmonico
Made in America
Perishable TypeFrozen Foods


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