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Rocky Mountain 14+ Day Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak | 10/Case

Rocky Mountain 14+ Day Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak | 10/Case

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Offer your customers a taste of the best the Mountain West has to offer with this Kinikin Processing 16 oz. Rocky Mountain 14+ day dry-aged 16 oz. ribeye steak! This meat comes from cows that are raised with care by expert ranchers on the lush pastures of western Colorado. The animals are never raised with antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids, and only humane slaughtering and processing methods are used to ensure the finest quality meat for your patrons. All Kinikin Processing beef is carefully dry aged for between 14 and 21 days, delivering complex flavor with a hint of nuttiness and an exquisitely tender texture! Considered one of the most delicious pieces of beef on the menu, ribeye is cut from the rib primal section and boasts abundant marbling throughout. This richly marbled fat renders during cooking, imparting ribeye steak with the mouthwateringly beefy flavor and tender, juicy texture that makes it a favorite of true steak aficionados. When cooked to medium-rare perfection and served alongside tender, fresh vegetables or garlicky mashed potatoes.

This ribeye steak is bone-in to help insulate the meat during cooking, which ultimately helps maintain a temperature that gives a more moist and tender texture to the steak. Keep in mind that dry-aged steaks tend to cook faster than conventional meat, so monitor this steak closely during preparation to avoid overcooking. Ribeye steak is ideal for grilling, searing and roasting, or broiling. When it comes time to cook, allow your steaks to come up to room temperature and sprinkle coarsely ground black pepper on each side. Because the ribeye does not need many other ingredients or sauces to deliver big flavor, this simple seasoning is perfect for enhancing the natural flavors of the beef while ensuring a crisp, brown crust and a tender, juicy interior.


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