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Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 7 fl. oz. - 12/Case

Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 7 fl. oz. - 12/Case

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  • Includes (12) 7 fl. oz. cans; each can contains 180 mg of caffeine
  • Brewed exclusively with single-origin, organic coffee from Peru's Chanchamayo Valley
  • Intense, strong, smooth coffee flavor
  • Perfect for mixing in a cocktail or selling at a gym, coffee shop, cafeteria, or concession stand
  • Nitro brew creates a smooth, frothy cascade while enhancing flavor

Take your daily cup of joe to the next level with Rise Brewing Co.'s 7 fl. oz. original black nitro cold brew coffee! This rich beverage is cold-brewed with nothing but purified water and organic coffee beans, giving it an especially clean, intense flavor. Plus, with 180 mg of caffeine, nearly twice as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, this cold brew is enough to get anyone moving! Serve it ice-cold for a perfect morning motivator, afternoon pick-me-up, or energy boost whenever you need it. It also makes a flavorful addition to cold coffee drinks and cocktails without adding any calories!

This coffee is infused with nitrogen, which gives it an especially creamy mouth feel and subtle sweetness - even though it contains no dairy or sweetener. When you crack open the pressurized can, you will be greeted with a rumbling nitro "roar" that sets the stage for an exciting coffee experience! Pour the cold brew into a glass and observe the beautiful, frothy cascade that is created by the nitrogenization and results in an indulgent, creamy "head" on the top - similar to that of many nitro beers. It can also be served straight from the can for convenient caffeination on the go. The slim can's design makes it perfect for tossing in a backpack or gym bag.


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