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MADDY & MAIZE: Popcorn Drk Choc Caramel, 5.5 oz

MADDY & MAIZE: Popcorn Drk Choc Caramel, 5.5 oz

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We're a small team of popcorn addicts who love making fancy, creative popcorn flavors – things we've never had before and are desperate to create for ourselves! We make our delicious popcorn in small batches so that we can obsess over each sweet, smoky, salty, and fruity flavor. Our popcorn is always gluten-free, using no artificial colors or sweeteners. Just amazing popcorn you'll want to share with friends & family (or secretly keep to yourself)! We’re Maddy & Maize, and we make the best popcorn you've ever had. Deep, dark chocolatey, sweet-salty caramel. A classic pair. A synergistic duet. A toothsome twosome. It's Romeo and Juliet, without their meddlesome families. Dark Chocolatey Caramel Fancy Popcorn: the official snack of lovers with no stars to cross.


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