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Hungry Squirrel

HUNGRY SQUIRREL: Keto Teriyaki Sauce, 12 fo

HUNGRY SQUIRREL: Keto Teriyaki Sauce, 12 fo

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Looking for a keto-friendly teriyaki sauce can be challenging when most bottles contain high-carb ingredients that can ruin your ketosis. Hungry Squirrel’s signature Teriyaki Sauce delivers the gourmet taste of restaurant-quality hibachi straight to your home!  Featuring zero trans fat and no cholesterol, this sauce is the perfect complement to grilled poultry, meat, seafood, tofu, or veggies. Our keto-friendly teriyaki strikes the ideal balance between savory and sweet and is accessible to most diets. The slight bitterness comes from rice wine vinegar, while sesame seed oil provides texture and a nutty flavor. Garlic, onion, and jasmine tea extract add spiciness to our keto teriyaki sauce. Even with guar gum and locust bean gum serving as natural thickeners, our teriyaki sauce offers the same consistency you experience in restaurant gourmet dishes.


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