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Clear Waterseal Bandages - 50/Box x5

Clear Waterseal Bandages - 50/Box x5

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250 Bandages. 50/box x5 boxes.

Product Overview

  • Provides clean protection for wounds
  • Latex-free and waterproof for secure application
  • Ultra thin with a flexible and breathable design
  • Includes 50 per box
  • Perfect for storing in med kits and cabinets

Treat minor scrapes, cuts, and abrasions with these Medique 68550 Clear Waterseal bandages. From busy chefs trying to keep up with a dinner rush to students racing around on the playground, injuries are bound to happen. These 2 3/4" x 15/16" bandages will help protect wounds from infection, prevent cross-contamination, and keep those minor injuries from becoming big problems. Keeping this extra layer of protection on hand is perfect for quickly addressing any mishap in your business.

These bandages are latex-free so they won't stick to wounds, as well as waterproof so that they won't get soggy and fall off. Each bandage creates a barrier against bacteria and other germs, and they're ultra-thin for flexibility and breathability. Simply clean and dry the wound and apply the bandage so it lays as flat as possible. These bandages are also clear so that they're unobtrusive on your skin! For best results, always thoroughly read the directions and warnings on the box. Use these bandages to stock your medical cabinet or kit at your construction site, commercial kitchen, office, or school.


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