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AngusPure Special Reserve 9 lb. New Zealand Grass Fed Black Angus Striploin | 4/case

AngusPure Special Reserve 9 lb. New Zealand Grass Fed Black Angus Striploin | 4/case

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Satisfy meat lovers with this AngusPure Special Reserve 9 lb. New Zealand grass fed Angus striploin! Made from pasture raised, grass fed New Zealand Angus cattle that are handled with care on farms that never use antibiotics or hormones, this striploin delivers the unmistakable flavor of quality. When you take the time to raise cattle right, their meat is better tasting and better for you, too. This striploin is lower in fat than meat from conventionally-raised beef, but higher in antioxidants and heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, making this grass fed beef a healthier choice. Cut from the famously tender loin primal, this striploin is full of flavorful fat marbling and yields succulent, melt-in-your-mouth meat. This subprimal can be cut into a number of steaks, including the perennially popular New York strip steak and strip filet, or can be cut into large roasts to feed a crowd. Buying an entire striploin allows you to customize the size of your steaks and the amount of fat you leave on them, and also offers significant cost savings over buying pre-cut steaks! In order to ensure its freshness, this product is trimmed, vacuum sealed, and frozen, allowing you to offer your patrons an exclusive taste of the lush pastures of the New Zealand coast.

Thanks to a lack of dense, connective tissue in the striploin, the steaks that you trim from this cut are perfect for hot and fast cooking methods that preserve the unparalleled flavor and texture of this beef. Strip filets and strip steaks are particularly delicious when cooked to medium rare perfection over the grill or broiled in a skillet and basted with a generous helping of herbed butter! For truly remarkable flavor, cook a New York strip steak sous vide at 134 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours, then remove the steak from the water bath and pat dry before giving it a quick sear on both sides over super high heat. This will result in a steak that's cooked to medium the whole way through with a perfect crust on the outside for maximum flavor. Remember to save the juices from your vacuum bag to create a succulent pan drippings gravy! If you're cooking for a large catered event, portion this striploin into 4 or 5 lb. strip roasts. For a classic presentation, coat your roast all over with a garlic herb paste. Bake briefly at high heat before turning the temperature down and allowing the center of the roast to come up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When sliced thin, your herb-encrusted strip roast is sure to satisfy meat lovers of all stripes!


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