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6 oz. Jumbo Baked Soft Pretzel - 50/Case

6 oz. Jumbo Baked Soft Pretzel - 50/Case

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Product Overview

  • Jumbo size pretzel
  • Made with a quality blend of flour, water and yeast
  • Arrives unsalted
  • Hand twisted with care
  • Ships frozen

Put a smile on your customers' faces by serving up a delicious Big Apple Pretzels jumbo baked soft pretzel. Once made, this soft pretzel offers a satisfying snack that's warm and soft. Additionally, each one comes unsalted so that you can serve these pretzels plain or customize them to meet your needs. The box includes a packet of salt that you can add, or for an added twist try buttering the pretzels and sprinkling cinnamon and sugar over top to create a delectable treat. This pretzel even goes well with a side of specialty dipping sauces or warm melted cheese. Guests will love its jumbo size too, which is perfect for sharing.

Each pretzel is made with a premium mix of ingredients and is cholesterol free and low in fat. It is also hand twisted with care and delicious to the very core. This pretzel is great for convenience stores, snack bars, food stands, stadiums, or bars. Best of all, since they are frozen and only need heated to serve, these pretzels reduce prep time and ingredients needed, without compromising the taste!


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