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4-Month Aged Manchego-Style Cheese Wheel 7 lb. - 2/Case

4-Month Aged Manchego-Style Cheese Wheel 7 lb. - 2/Case

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Product Overview

  • Mildly zesty taste with a rich, nutty, slightly salty finish
  • Semi-cured cheese has a soft and creamy texture, perfect for melting
  • Made from 4-month aged, pasteurized Merino sheep's milk
  • Made in the same region as Manchego cheese for a similar taste without the high cost
  • Ships refrigerated

For rich, craveworthy flavor that is guaranteed to please even the most refined cheese-lovers, stock up on this Santa Marta 4-month aged Meseta cheese! Delivering a very similar taste to Manchego cheese, this product is produced in the same region using the same processes, resulting in a very similar cheese that comes at a much lower cost. With roots that can be traced to the La Mancha region in the heart of Spain, Meseta cheese has been carefully and lovingly crafted from the milk of Merino sheep for centuries. This Spanish cheese is traditionally aged in woven grass baskets, which gives the inedible golden rind its distinctive herringbone pattern. Enveloped within is the beautifully rich, ivory-colored, semi-firm interior of the cheese. Boasting a soft and creamy texture with air pockets distributed throughout, this product is made using 4-month aged, pasteurized Merino sheep's milk to give it that desirable zesty flavor with subtle nutty notes and a slightly salty finish. Coming with (2) 7 lb. wheels per case, this high-quality cheese is just what you've been missing from your menu!

Perfect for slicing, melting, and crumbling, serve this divine cheese to customers to keep them coming back for more! Great for creating traditional Spanish tapas and other cultural dishes, add this cheese to an eye-catching charcuterie board to complement meats such as Prosciutto de Parma, salami, speck, chorizo, or Serrano ham. To add a pop of color, include savory Spanish favorites like sun-dried tomatoes, Banderilla pickles, Manzanilla olives, and Marcona almonds. For a classy cheese and wine night, this product goes well with Manzanilla, a dry, white wine made from palomino grapes, Amontillado, an oxidized sherry with a deep caramel-like flavor, or Oloroso sherry, which is known for its deeply complex flavor with hints of nuttiness, tobacco, and an autumnal aroma.


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