About 954 Bulk Foods

You want to avoid buying bulk at your local food store or chains as they have already raised their profit margins to over 50% - 60% and higher per item.

We are pleased to announce we are now offering Bulk Food ordering. After further research and requests from our customers we decided to move forward with Bulk ordering. For those that do not know,about bulk ordering is to order more than 1 quanity of the same item to acquire the cheapest price. This has become more popular within medium to large families and small business and townships. Bulk ordering is very cost effective and even more reliable of the quality of foods. Checkout the Bulk Foods tab to see what we have to offer. We add new products weekly.

Why Bulk Food? 

With the economy and continued rising prices families and small business are using bulk food ordering and deleveries. Bulk food cuts the cost to more than 40-60% and more depending on the types of food.

When to use bulk ordering?

Vacations and RV traveling

Rental spots are expensive as intended and will rob you of maximizing your enjoyment with family and friends. Stock the freezer, fridge and pantry with 954 bulk premium foods that will last you during your stay. Or if you are low or run out, just place a bulk order on your phone or laptop and the items will arrive within hours or days depending how you placed your order delivery time.


Bulk ordering is amazing and is popular among college students. Cheaper, faster and quanities of food. We receive orders from parents to students with bulk orders. Mainly non-pershiabl items. We receive large order from Frats houses to help cut their cost down and save money for more important party items.

Parties, Holidays and community gatherings, camping and Special Events

With our prepared meals wether hosting a block party or community outing 954 bulk foods has your back. Making a list of who is bringing which food item, time to prepare the food and than cook all the food can be very stressful and extremely time consuming. The average food outing will take you more then 96 hours of your time preparing and cooking food. With 954 bulk foods already cleaned, prepared and cooked will save you lots of money more importantly, save you time and reduces the preperation and cooking time to just heating and serve.